Branding & Visual Identity Proposal


Logo & Illustration Style

The thick overgrown illustration becomes the focal point for the brand. We could always add more layers of growth or fruit/veg if you feel this is needed. I've gone with the tagline "Veg Growers - Soil Builders" here for its simplicity, but can always change this if it needs to be clearer.


A couple of initial logomark options: The first is representative of a fruit with seeds, combining to form an "OX" monogram. The second is a graphically reduced depiction of the farmhouse.


Website Mockups

A couple of potential homepage mockups exploring everything from typography, colour and graphic-stamps and visual design treatments. The first design uses a san-serif title and serif for the body text, whereas the second uses a sans-serif throughout to add contrast with the slab serif logo.


Van Graphics

This might be a bit of an extreme example, but the illustration style could potentially be used to add character to the van or other brandable assets.


Business Cards

Example of how the illustration style becomes the main brand asset. The more simplified san-serif typography that is used for titles on the website mockup could be used on stationary.


Stamp Graphics

Close up stamps with rough/worn textural treatment.

Other Designs • • •

Round 1  •  Round 2  •  Round 3