Branding & Visual Identity Proposal


I've tidied up the logo here, made sure all the grass lines are nicely concentric, and minimised the details slightly to maximise legibility. There are four different logomarks to be used in the size ratios displayed here. This will be really useful when you need to display you logo small: e.g. on social media, or large:  e.g. printed on the side of boxes. The smallest has thicker lines, a few details, so to be more legible at the reduced size.  


Illustration Style

Addition of sheep.


Stamp Graphics

Updated: Realised I was using the old Soil Association logo, here's the up to date one.


I've put together a little board displaying how the typography could be used across the brand/website.  The typeface Rubik can      downloaded here: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Rubik


Here are all the colours separated into two hierarchy tiers for possible usage across the brand.


Business Cards

Since business cards are fairly small (85x55mm) I've picked out a crop from the main illustration. I've also gone with a portrait orientation since it worked well - leaving enough negative space for the stacked logo. Please let me know if you want to change/add any details onto the cards.

Other Designs • • •

Round 1  •  Round 2  •  Round 3