Branding & Visual Identity Proposal


I've put together 3 slightly different logos here based on the comments you sent over. The typographic serifs have been adjusted and there's a couple of variations on the tagline typography. I've also designed the logomark to work responsively, minimising the details for smaller use.


Illustration Style

I've made a few changes here, introducing some of the vegetation that you sent over: rainbow chard, flowering chives, fennel fronds, radishes, wine cap mushrooms, plums, and little hidden pig.  I'm happy to play around with few different line & texture finishes if you want to go even looser with the illustration style.


Stamp Graphics

I have changed the pears to some plums on the delivery stamps.


Here I have put together some options for the brand typography. All of these are free fonts. I'm happy to try some more options or different combos out if you have anything in mind?

Other Designs • • •

Round 1  •  Round 2  •  Round 3